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sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2011

(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography: Claire Harlan

(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography: Claire Harlan

Every so often - actually, not as often as you might think - I receive email from a photographer, introducing themselves, saying how they read the blog and how they think I might like their work, and linking to their web page. Nearly every time, I take some time to see what the sender is up to. And usually the work is pretty good, sometimes it is impressive. I recently received such an email from Los Angeles based photographer Claire Harlan. I'd put her quite clearly in the impressive category. I especially like her Grandscapes series, but have lifted the two images here from other projects because these singular images sort of jumped out at me. In any case, I'll offer no big political interpretation and just say this is very good work.


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